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Welcome to Stinky K9 Spa, an up and coming dog grooming spa service in Mission, B.C. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our doggy website, and that you will find a lot of useful information.

  • We are Moving to Triple Creek Estates on Wilson Street in Ruskin on March 30th, 2019. I am hoping it wont take long to set up the shop.


Visit Stinky K9 Spa at:                                                                                  For consultation, please 

       feel free to contact us at:

Mission, B.C.                                                                                        Call/Text: 604-764-5707



Stinky K9 Spa on the map:


New clients 10% off first appointment

Existing clients earn 20% off your next appointment with a referral

Earn 40% off your dogs next appointment with a written testimonial to put on the web

Puppy training! Just got a new puppy that is 8-16 weeks old? Bring them in for nails and a short groom/training - $10 up to 30 minutes.

Adopted? We have a discount for that! 15% off a new dog that was recently adopted through a local rescue. Adoption papers are required.

 This Month... Nails - Grinding for the price of clipping.

  Using doTERRA Essential Oils for Aromatherapy                


Dogs shed all year, some more than others, but as most know Spring is the main shedding season. Dogs need much more brushing at this time.

If you can't keep up, please bring your dog in for a professional de-shedding.



When dogs are scratching, scooting or running down wooded paths, they can get mats in their ears, bum, legs and feet. Collars, harnesses and clothing can also cause mats. Mats can be very uncomfortable.

Daily brushing can prevent this and can keep shedding down to a minimum.



 Some dogs enjoy their baths some will lay down, others just sit. This is what we aim for at  Stinky K9 Spa, for all our clients.

We use natural products to keep your dogs skin and coat, clean, shiny and healthy.




 Dogs nails should not touch the floor. Starting from a young age you should get the nails done weekly, even if you plan on leaving their coat long.

As adults, dogs need their nails done every 2-4 weeks to help keep the 'quicks' back.