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This matted ear is bad but not the worst I've seen. When dogs are scratching, scooting or running down wooded paths they can get mats in their ears, bum and feet. They can get mats all over their bodies and some are very uncomfortable. Daily brushing can prevent this.

Some dogs enjoy their baths so much they will lay down and relax. This is what we aim for, for all our clients. Using natural products to keep your dogs skin and coat clean and shiny.

​Dogs nails should not touch the floor. Starting from a young age you should start getting the nails cut, even if you plan on leaving their coat long. Dogs nails should be done at least every 2 weeks to keep the 'quicks' back.

Dogs shed all year, some more than others, but as most know Spring is the main shedding season. Dogs need much more brushing at this time. If you can't keep up, please bring your dog in for a professional de-shedding.

Using                               Essential Oils for Aromatherapy


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